Leveraging Data Analytics Uncovering Hidden Opportunities, Generating Revenue, and Serving Clients


By  Ernie Guerriero, CLU, ChFC, CEBS, CPCU, CPC, CMS AIF, RICP, CPFARichard L. Engebretson, CPA (inactive) and Cary W. Parker

The use of technology continues to increase. In the financial service industry alone, electronic applications and signatures, robo-advisors, and client management systems are all becoming more prevalent, and blockchain will soon follow. CPAs must embrace technology and use it to best serve clients. But no two clients are the same; each is unique, with different sets of values and financial goals. By aggregating client data into a common structure, CPA firms can build an information base that allows them to offer the appropriate financial services to each client. The authors discuss the advantages of using data analytics technology to build such an information base, starting with the information provided in a taxpayer’s Form 1040 and extrapolating from there.  Continue reading… Dec_Guerriero_Final