One Surefire Trick to Improve Your Outlook


Mike McGlothlin, ChFC®, CLU®, CFP®

Lately, our world has been faced with events we can’t control. And as one situation looks like it’s improving, it seems that additional hard circumstances arise. The dilemma is how to succeed in those circumstances — over which we have no control. And the solution is simple: control the things you can. Namely, attitude.

When you hear the phrase “the space between,” what first comes to mind? Is it the space between your ears? Or maybe the space between where you are and what you are working to achieve? Either way, the space between is where you control your attitude and, by doing so, set yourself up for success.

My business coach just wrote a blog that really resonated with me. In the blog, The Space Between Emotion and Behavior, CJ McClanahan discusses the existence of a space between the time that you feel an emotion and when you react to it. It’s during that space between that we have the opportunity to shape our attitude.

You might be wondering why this matters so much. It’s because how we shape our attitude is how we choose to live our lives — and run our businesses. It’s important to think about how we choose between different options when presented with a challenge. For instance, how did you react when interest rates dropped? Collectively, our actions caused the market to drop.

When something happens that we can’t control, how we interact with our emotions – and how quickly – will define whether we succeed or fail. Mastering your reaction is essential to success. What I suggest is removing that space between. Instead of reacting, anticipate. Have automation in place where available. Take time to understand what your clients want and use that research to make recommendations that fit logically with their goals, and that aren’t based on an emotional reaction. This level of discipline will naturally lead to different revenue streams and more diversification within your practice. And, most importantly, you will no longer be dictated to by an external fact.

Transformational tactic: By replacing the space between with deliberate, well thought out responses, you can shape your attitude and set yourself up for success.