3 Takeaways for Meaningful Change


Mike McGlothlin, ChFC®, CLU®, CFP®

I’m an active runner. And I’m also not as young as I used to be. I notice that I get sore when I run. But I’m dedicated to improving my performance, so I get frustrated when I don’t hit my personal best. Recently, I investigated some new wellness options to ease my sore muscles. Specifically, I was interested in what a new wellness facility is doing with cryotherapy and compression therapy.

Before I visited, I did my homework. I learned about what habits I need to change and what the appointment entailed. After all, cryotherapy isn’t new. But the way they use it is different. And expensive. So, I wanted to make sure I was all in before investing in the treatment.

Most importantly, I knew what results I wanted to get. I had already formed my definition of success, and I knew how to measure it. My changes resulted in shaving 15 seconds per mile off my running time. I can see the improvement. I can quantify it. And I can determine if the results are worth the cost.

Success in business should be the same. It doesn’t make sense to change just to change. We need to look for purposeful change. Change that leads to success.

We are all accustomed to change. Every day we adapt. To economic conditions. To client expectations. To wearing a mask when we shop for groceries. The key is to look for a health change.

In my example, the change was amazing. More importantly, my legs felt good following day. Before continuing with treatment, I made sure that there was some level of defined success. That’s the same thing that we need to do in our business. We need to define what success means before we try new marketing. Before we try new client processes. Before we try something, anything, just because we think we need a change.

There are three major takeaways for meaningful change:

  1. It should put you on a positive path. And if it doesn’t, look for another option.
  2. It doesn’t have to be the next new thing. Cryotherapy isn’t new. The change was in the way the wellness clinic used it.
  3. It needs to be measurable. You need to be able to see how the change has impacted your business. You should be able to measure progress from where you started.

Considering these three points before making any major changes to your businesses or processes will help you focus on what’s important — remaining relevant as your clients shift from working to retirement — and not get bogged down in less meaningful actions.

Transformational Tactic
Be deliberate when making changes. Know what you want to accomplish and how you plan to measure success.

Source: https://www.ashbrokerage.com/blog/annuities/3-takeaways-for-meaningful-change/