Grow Your Business with These 3 Controllables


Mike McGlothlin, ChFC®, CLU®, CFP®

Sometimes you just need a pregame talk to keep going. A good pep talk gets you psyched up for the big game. It gets you focused. It’s exciting. It brings the team together. And it can be valuable for your business as well.

Tommy Amaker is the head coach for Harvard University’s men’s basketball team. A few years ago, he gave his team a pep talk before they took the floor against Howard University. He told his team that there are basically three things they each have control of:

  1. Their time
  2. Their words
  3. Their opportunity 

It sounds simple enough, but it’s also extremely effective. For those Harvard basketball players, Coach Amaker reminded them about the opportunity they had on that night at that game. But it was up to them to maximize it.

When leveling up in the business world, those three points — controlling your time, controlling your words and controlling your opportunity — are just as important as they are in a game of basketball.

Control Your Time
A couple of weeks ago I talked about how to improve your time management and how to control the things you can. Specifically focusing your time on revenue-generating activities can give your business a lift. So, think about how you are controlling your time, and focus on making it as efficient and effective as possible.

Control Your Words
I’ve also talked about the importance of connecting with your audience, and the words you use are a big part of that. Every time you communicate, whether it’s a marketing message or a personal conversation, it’s vital to speak clearly and use terms your clients understand. Because if they don’t see the value you are providing, they will find someone else to help them, and you’ll have invested time and energy with no return. Simply put, if you confuse you lose.

Learn more about how to communicate by joining one of the StoryBrand meetings I am hosting throughout 2020. (Find out more about StoryBrand here.)

Control Your Opportunity
You’ve heard me say it time and again. We are experiencing the greatest shift from the workforce to retirement the United States has ever seen. You can remain relevant during that shift. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity by thinking strategically. Today there are more than $5 trillion in assets and brokerage accounts. And there more than $21 trillion in bank CDs and savings accounts, which shows the fear and uncertainty consumers have in the market due to the current pandemic.

Turn these seeming obstacles into opportunity. Help your clients change their thinking. Look ahead and create a strategy. By doing so you’ll be building a High Performing Practice that will be able to thrive —no matter what else gets thrown at us.

Transformational Tactic
Give your business a pregame pep talk. Focus on increased growth by controlling your time, words and opportunities.