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Tip of the Week

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Social Security The COVID-19 pandemic is having both positive and negative financial effects on the Social Security program. The net financial effect is clearly negative in the short term and uncertain in the long term. Even more uncertain is how long the pandemic itself will last. The longer it […]

Why You Should Add HSAs to Your Retirement Offering

HSAs Are The Secret Retirement Weapon. The average couple can expect to pay $295,000 in retirement in out-of-pocket costs on top of expected Medicare coverage. It’s time to prepare for those costs, so your client’s healthcare expenses don’t steal from their retirement savings. To top that off, 401(k) maximum contributions remained the same from 2020 […]

6 Ideas to Get Even More Clients and Increase Revenue

Ann Bachrach, The Accountable Coach Most entrepreneurs experience a critical stage in their business where they need to consistently build their client base, yet the don’t have the time or resources to devote to serving more clients. So, how do you get more clients without working harder? Let’s talk about 6 tips to help you […]

Tip of the Week

Financial Wellness Enters the Mainstream “Longevity fitness,” “financial wellness,” “financial well-being,” “financial health”—no matter what you call it, the real and potential physical health issues affecting all of us at a global level have focused attention on our health status, with a significant spillover into our financial circumstances as well. This provides an opportunity for […]

Authentic Persuasion Show: Winning By Playing the Long Game

Jason Cutter | CEO/Founder, Cutter Consulting Group In this episode, I talk about using the persuasion approach to move customers forward, how selling should be seen as a service to serve others, and whether the products you sold creates buyer’s remorse or happiness for them to come back next time.

Tip of the Week

Dealing with the Insecurity of Social Security The insecurity of Social Security is a significant issue in financial planning, particularly because of the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two opposing myths related to Social Security are (1) because Social Security is underfunded, it is best to elect Social Security as early as possible, and […]