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4 Essentials of a Successful Business Plan

Ann Bachrach, The Accountable Coach Does your business plan have holes? Do you even have a business plan? When was the last time you looked at it (last January when you created it)? Many aspects of a business plan are overlooked and that can lead to professional disaster. Visit the Accountability Coach and check out […]

Your Magic Wand for Higher Success in Retirement

Mike McGlothlin CFP®, CHFC®, CLU®, LUTCF®, NSSA® If only there was a wand you could waive that guaranteed all your clients a healthy and secure retirement. Although we haven’t found it yet, there is a tool that comes pretty close and it’s called a qualified longevity annuity contract, or QLAC. In my opinion, a QLAC […]

Tip of the Week

Small-Business Restructuring Revisited in Light of the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 The philosophy and policy behind small-business bankruptcy provisions in the Bankruptcy Code is to make bankruptcy for smaller businesses more palatable, efficient, and economical while achieving the fairness and equitable outcomes sought throughout the bankruptcy process. While bankruptcy should not be a […]

8 Ideas For Getting Things Done…The Right Way


Ann Bachrach, The Accountable Coach We all want more success and the fear of failure can often be the driving force of our actions.  We work long hours, sacrifice personal time, and even sleep.  We put our heart and soul into what we’re trying to achieve, only to find that we’re spinning our wheels.  We […]

White Paper – Cybersecurity: 5 Steps Every Financial Advisor Should Take to Protect Their Practice and Clients


Mike McGlothlin, EVP, Retirement – Ash BrokerageAndrew Dahman, Chief Technology Officer – TechficientDave Barcelona, Chief Information Security Officer – Techficient The last four years have been eventful in financial services. We saw the conclusion of one of the longest and strongest bull markets in recent history. President Trump brought disruption to the political arena while […]