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Tip of the Week

On the Way to Financial Freedom When Beginning a Career The array of choices for investing and paying down debts can seem overwhelming to recent college graduates. However, there is a clear order to follow. This rank ordering is the most tax-efficient financial moves an employee should make when beginning a career: First, enough should […]

Stay In The Loop For Retirement Spending And Housing

Susan A. Pomfret, RICP® Most people concentrate on wealth accumulation while still in the workforce. But will that be enough for retirement spending? Here are some things to consider: • Housing is the greatest expense. • Clothing and transportation spending decline with age. • Healthcare spending increases with age.In the below chart, you’ll find some […]

4 Forms of Accountability You Need for Even Greater Success

Ann Bachrach, The Accountable Coach Accountability is more than just a friend that calls you up occasionally to make sure you’re sticking to your weight loss goals. It’s also more than the occasional roundtable discussion with business colleagues checking in how everyone in the group is doing in terms of hitting their quarterly financial goals. […]

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