Authentic Persuasion Show: When No Leads to $$$

Jason Cutter | CEO/Founder, Cutter Consulting Group

Telling NO actually leads to money – As a Salesperson, how do you sleep at night when you persuade people to buy from you? How can rejecting or saying no lead to more money and profit? Are you leading your customers to the framework you know you can help when they need your product and services?

Authenticity and saying NO to the wrong people is one of the easiest and best solutions for balancing in your head the difference between ripping off your clients vs. providing them with information and service that they need. Understand that there are abundance and there a lot of people that are looking for your products. Saying no to one customer isn’t going to affect your business.

In this episode, I talk about how saying NO and being authentic to your clients leads to money.

Learn about the effects of rejecting customers, how understanding abundance can help you with your customers, and how to gain more referrals by saying NO.