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A Simple Approach to Reduce Suffering and Increase Income

Mike McGlothlin CFP®, CHFC®, CLU®, LUTCF®, NSSA® My business coach recently shared with me the equation f x r = suffering. In this equation, f stands for frustration and r stands for resistance. To determine why this equation matters to your practice, we need to look closer at the frustration and the resistance. Many clients […]

6 Ideas for Creating New Business Opportunities

Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach Today we are talking about 6 Ideas for Creating New Opportunities by Getting Rid of Limiting Beliefs. According to the laws of physics and aerodynamics, a bumble bee can’t fly. So…try telling a bumble bee that! Isn’t it wonderful that bumble bees don’t possess human traits? Because if they […]

Authentic Persuasion Show: Training Session – 01 – Are You An Order Taker?

Jason Cutter | CEO/Founder, Cutter Consulting Group What does it mean to be an order taker? In the field of sales, what do these people do? Salespeople who are acting like order takers are trying to close deals and maybe giving up a lot on price, or they’re so worried about upsetting the other person […]

An Easier Strategy for Creating a Legacy

Mike McGlothlin CFP®, CHFC®, CLU®, LUTCF®, NSSA® Building a legacy takes liquidity, especially when you’re leveraging life insurance and wealth transfer to do it. The tax advantages of life insurance are essential, but it takes liquid assets to pay the premiums. Fortunately, we have a simple strategy to increase that liquidity and it relies on […]

Tip of the Week

Are Clients Working Remotely? Some Tax Implications If an Executive Is Working from Home The increase in remote working has both expected and surprising tax implications. One of the anticipated tax implications is that the expenses of working from home or of maintaining a home office are not presently deductible for most employees due to […]

Turning A-List Prospects into A-List Clients

Mike McGlothlin, CHFC®, CLU®, CFP®, LUTCF® Ask anyone running their own practice what they want to achieve, and their answer will most likely lead back to growing their business and engaging with clients and prospects. Think about your own goals. Do they fit into either of those two categories? When it comes to success, the “what” […]

Tip of the Week

Grandparents, Gifts, and Estate Planning We all deal with parents deciding how they will provide for their children in conjunction with their estate planning. What about grandparents? While the subject is not an everyday staple as it is for parents, it is nonetheless a recurring topic. Some grandparents focus in a serious way on the […]

Tip of the Week

How Are Social Security Benefits Taxed? It is surprisingly complicated to ascertain the amount of Social Security benefits that your clients must include in their taxable income. The good news is that at least 15 percent of Social Security retirement benefits are excluded from tax, and in some cases, Social Security benefits are totally exempt. […]