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Building Ideal Family Opportunities


Grant Hicks, CIM is President of Advisor Practice Management Meeting strangers online during the pandemic is difficult to build trust. Working with existing family members who already work with you and trust you is easier than meeting cold prospects, or online marketing. Spend more time with your ideal clients and find out about their families. […]

Tip of the Week

Consumer Directed Health Plans Although consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) (also called high-deductible health plans) have affected health care utilization, they have had limited success in altering enrollees’ behavior as consumers. By design, CDHPs lower cost by shifting some of the financial burden of health care costs to enrollees. The goal is to give enrollees the […]

Planning by Design for a Better Life


Anthony Bartlett, ChFC, CASL, AEP, RICP One thing in life that is certain is that change is inevitable. It’s essential to be prepared to handle whatever challenges arise. Being adaptable goes a long way toward addressing change and helps face life’s adversities no matter how serious they are. Being able to adapt is key to […]

Creating a Strategy During a Pandemic

Mike McGlothlin CFP®, CHFC®, CLU®, LUTCF®, NSSA®  Welcome to 2021. We made it! And most of us are cautiously optimistic about what the new year will bring. But as we hope for things to get better, we’re still dealing with the spread of COVID, low-interest rates and a volatile political climate. If we learned anything […]

Tip of the Week

Advice for the New Planner. Understanding Business Protection Needs For nearly any business that is financially viable enough to continue following the death of one or more key employees, key-person life insurance is an essential need. New advisors can start this conversation with the business owner by simply asking about the nature of the business, […]

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