Tip of the Week

Fee-Only Advisors and Insurance Agents – Perfect Together Professional relationships between fee-only CFP®s and commission-based insurance producers offer mutually beneficial opportunities, added value that extends to their clients. A successful career in the insurance business can be very lucrative, but success often depends on the agent’s ability to develop “centers of influence”, people willing to personally […]

Bit by Bit – Episode 3: The Planning/Fiduciary Administration of Cryptocurrency

Robert Kirkland discusses how cryptocurrency can be used for goods, services and investments; the importance of documentation and management and real-life ‘horror’  stories from lack of planning. Bit by Bit: The Planning/Fiduciary Administration of Cryptocurrency? by goCast Robert Kirkland describes real life stories from lack of planning.

New Jersey Executive Order Extends Grace Period for Nonpayment of Insurance Premiums


Ernie Guerriero, CLU, ChFC, CEBS, CPCU, CPC, CMS, AIF, RICP, CPFA  On April 9, 2020, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order which extends grace periods during which certain insurance companies, including health, life and property, and casualty insurance carriers, will be unable to cancel policies for nonpayment of premiums. Governor Murphy issued […]

Bad Markets, Recessions & Donor Advised Funds

By Ken Nopar, Senior Philanthropic Advisor When markets drop significantly or when businesses are not as profitable, the charities that wealthy families and business owners support are adversely impacted.  Because many donors are passionate about the causes and nonprofit organizations they support, the last thing they want to do is to send a much smaller […]

Leveraging Data Analytics Uncovering Hidden Opportunities, Generating Revenue, and Serving Clients


By  Ernie Guerriero, CLU, ChFC, CEBS, CPCU, CPC, CMS AIF, RICP, CPFA, Richard L. Engebretson, CPA (inactive) and Cary W. Parker IN BRIEFThe use of technology continues to increase. In the financial service industry alone, electronic applications and signatures, robo-advisors, and client management systems are all becoming more prevalent, and blockchain will soon follow. CPAs must embrace technology and […]